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Being On Facebook In Ways That Are Not Against Nature – Comment

Being On Facebook In Ways That Are Not Against Nature

I was reading this blog post and I had to make a comment.

I wish I had saved it.

Have you ever suspected someone of being a crazy lady online?

The writer in this blog never really states her own opinion. She asked her teacher, Uma Inder, why she is on Facebook after recommending that she get off get off the platform. She seems to have copied and pasted the majority of piece  from her spiritual teacher’s Facebook response.

After reading, I did a little checking and found a thread on the cult education institute describing her teacher as a psychopath.

I am choosing to believe that this post, Being On Facebook In Ways That Are Not Against Nature, is really about Karen Pallisgaard exploring her suspicions about her spiritual teacher.

I’m praying for you Karen.


iWork Here.

iWork here.

I work here.

I work here.

I work here.

Here is where I work.

On my computer, I have several very long files of blog postings, called iWork, none of which have made it to the web.

(What is this thing we call the web? The web of life… The web of thoughts and ideas… Some manifestation of the Akashic record…The roots of the tree of wisdom, the tree of life… Who knows? But it seems like I’ve lead a life that has given me the skills to be useful to God here, and that is what I mean to be.)

Over the last several days my Scrivener wordprocessing and my pages programs have crashed. It’s time I practice without a net.

I’ll work here.